Adult Hockey

Welcome to the SDIA Adult Ice Hockey Program.

We offer an Adult League program for all levels! SDIA offers 3 levels from beginning players to advanced. We do player stats and standings via Hockeyshift. 
All players must have up to date USAHockey before enrollment. 
To enroll into USAHockey, CLICK HERE

Every team makes the playoffs and prizes are giving out to division winners.
 Once you sign up you get free public skating and you also get to take advantage of our weekly pick up hockey Monday, Tuesday, or Wednesday.SDIA is always taking new players throughout the season and cost will be prorated.
Spring/Summer season is April to end of August & Fall/Winter is September to the end of March.

Adult Programs offered at SDIA

Adult League

Adult League

Register anytime for SDIA's Adult Hockey League.

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Womens league

Womens League

Come join our San Diego Women’s Hockey League at San Diego Ice Arena.  If you or any women you know are interested in trying hockey or joining our league, we have all levels represented and an awesome atmosphere to enjoy hockey. It's the place for female hockey players of all levels to be! Games are played on Tuesdays, Email the Hockey Director if you would like to sign up . YOU MUST HAVE USA HOCKEY



SDIA offers a Skills and Drills Session for Beginner/Intermediate players looking to sharpen their skills and get conditioned.

We work on Breakouts, stick handling, skating, shooting and we also do a scrimmage.
Every Tuesday night 10:10 pm to midnight.

Reserve your spot

Pick Up Hockey

Want to play hockey, try Pick Up!
Pick Up is an informal, non-checking game for players of all skill levels - with no officials or supervision.
It’s a great way to have fun, improve your skills, hang out with friends and stay in shape all at the same time.
This is a first come, first served program.

Reservations can be made by signing up online OR in person only.
Monday Night – 10:10 pm – 12 am – $20
Wednesday Night – 10:10 pm – 12:00 AM – $20 (BEG/INTERM SKILLS SESSION)
Tuesday Night – 10:10 pm – midnight $20
LIMITED TO 26 PLAYERS & 3 GOALIES per session.


Patriots Hockey: Founded in 2011, Patriots Hockey is a proud program of Fighting for Home Sports, a 501(c)(3) non-profit. We are an all-volunteer organization with the goal of giving back to the military/veteran communities through Charity Ice Hockey Games, Adult League Teams, and Community Relations Projects. We achieve that goal through a network of committed volunteers dedicated to our Hockey and Charity Programs. While our Hockey Program provides a therapeutic and educational experience to Military Service Members and Veteran players, our off-ice Charity Program is open to anyone who wants to join our team! You do not need to have served in the Military to be a positive force supporting Military issues. Additionally, we are always looking to partner with organizations that share our ideals and values.Please contact Craig Sterling at SDIA or visit our  website , to learn how

Guardians Hockey is a 501(c)3 Nonprofit that is open to Active, Reserve, Veteran, Law Enforcement, (both local and federal) Fire, and EMS hockey players and our goal is to provide a tribe environment that fosters teamwork and a brotherhood mentality. We have leagues in D6, D5, and D4 and are hoping to expand in order to provide more opportunities for our members. We have quarterly volunteer opportunities with Letters of Appreciation awarded to those who participate or support in any way, they are always focused on military, first responders, or the less fortunate.  We also will be having travel tournaments as the opportunity arises, and local tournaments and charity games.
If you want to know more please or visit our facebook page Guardian Hockey