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To all our Patrons (clients, customers) who make San Diego Ice Arena their loyal home, first, we would like to thank you for your continued support of our rink and team. More than ever before,this period of lockdown made it clear that you are the ones who bring our humble facility to life.

As stay at home orders begin to lift, the management team would like to take a moment to “pull back the curtain” and discuss how we see the foreseeable future at San Diego Ice Arena.
On March 20th 2020, the Ice rink was asked to close completely in order to help flatten the curve.

After assuring the safety of our staff, we chose to spend our time preparing for your return by fixing issues that have plagued the ice surface. During this time, we invested in a complete ice resur-facing, significant paint jobs, refreshed lines and logos, as well as minor repairs and deep sanitizing around the general facility.
We are happy to announce that we will be opening up our Figure Skating and Hockey divisions shortly. While we would love to open our Family Fun division (Public Session, birthday parties), California health guidelines still advise against it. We will continue to keep our community up to date on the various phases of our reopening.
In this update, you can learn more about the updates made to our facilities and new requirements to protect the safety of our community and staff.
Finally, we would like to hear from YOU. Please complete the SDIA COVID Feedback Form to help us understand what you hope to see when returning to our facility.

Thank You.

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