Registering for programs at SDIA just got easier!

San Diego Ice Arena is excited to launch DASH, our new online registration system and rink management software.

Currently you can create your account, register for skating school or just practice navigating the site to be prepared for our Winter/Spring 2020 programs. Everyone will need to create a new account on their first visit.

Creating an Account

  • Everyone needs to create a new account in Dash. CLICK HERE  or download the “Dash Online” app from the Apple or Android store and create a new customer account.
  • Parents, please create an account for yourself first then you can add a child from the top right corner of the “MY PROFILE” page
  • A confirmation email will be sent and you must confirm your email before you can register for any programs.

Registering for Programs

  • Some programs have age restrictions and won’t be visible unless you are the appropriate age. For example, if you are an adult, the youth hockey league will not show on the registration page.
  • To register your child for a program, choose them from the “WHO ARE YOU REGISTERING?” selection on the “REGISTRATION” page after you have added them to your profile.
  •  CLICK HERE to register for programs

Skating School registration is now open, all other programs including Youth and Adult Hockey programs coming soon. You can register for skating school or set up your new account by clicking the link above or on the “Customer Login” on the top right corner of the homepage.

Customers with any existing money on account or credits, needs to please follow the steps below

  1.  CLICK HERE  or download the “Dash Online” app from the Apple or Android store and create a new customer account in DASH.
  2. Email SDIA at with your previous account information, money or credits you have and we will port them over to our new system for you to use in the future.

The site is still under construction and we appreciate your patience during this conversion process. Please email if you have any questions or need help or try Dash’s help section for online registration

Dear SDIA Family,
As this year comes to a close, we would like to express our sincere gratitude for your continued trust and loyalty to the San Diego Ice Arena.

While we’ve all faced unprecedented challenges this year that we never imagined, this time has underscored the importance of relationships and connectivity, of humanity and kindness and of strength and resilience. These are things we’ve seen time and again through the actions of our customers and colleagues.

As we leave behind 2020, and look ahead at the New year, I want to reflect on what to expect from SDIA.

Our core staff is still very much intact, with no layoffs or cutbacks. This is a remarkable achievement considering the Family Fun Center has been shuttered since March 2020 and will not open up until the summer of 2021. Throughout this period the sports divisions, which can be controlled with better safety, have held up the business.

Over the year we have spent heavily on PPE to help safeguard our staff and clients. As we enter the
new year, San Diego Ice Arena is proud to announce that our new front office application (a program called DASH that creates a user-friendly online interface to augment our currently available services) will be coming online in early January. This program will allow you to still utilize our services and functions but will reduce exposure risk. Our program office and admin will be closed Dec 25th -Jan 1st, to implement this change. For those of you who don’t like change, I am with you, but the new reality is that we have to change and adjust our business model to meet the new challenges.

As we enter the new year, I believe SDIA is very stable, and with the continuing support of all our customers we will be able to provide once again a family home for our sporting divisions, embracing our core values, of learning, teamwork, and fun. Soon we will be able to once again embrace our competitive nature as we compete and celebrate our achievements with shows and exhibitions. We will look forward to the day when we can see the excitement generated by our family fun program, celebrate birthdays, teen meltdown on Friday nights, and come together and have fun. Doesn’t that sound inviting?!

I look forward as we welcome 2021, with all its opportunities and
challenges, with all our customers, clients and colleagues, and wish all a
successful year ahead.


Dear SDIA Family,
The health and safety for our staff and customers is our highest priority during this time of uncertainty. As of now, our “Family Fun Center” department is closed, but we will remain open for our ice hockey and figure skating sport departments for training purposes only.

In order to enhance our policies that are already enforced, we are requiring all customers/coaches/staff/skaters to wear a mask or a face shield when doing the following:

  • Oh… and we have ONE MORE RULE… HAVE FUN!!

The only exception will be when skaters are training on the ice. Due to breathing restrictions, the Center for Disease Control (CDC) recommends all children/adults participating in any physical activity be allowed to wear their masks down around the chin or neck area.

SDIA is currently working on designing a plastic shield that will attach to hockey helmet cages.
This will be implemented as soon as possible and will be sold in the Pro Shop for a minimal fee.


The San Diego Ice Arena thanks you for your continued support during these very difficult and trying times.
SDIA is committed to our figure and hockey community..


SDIA Management

Happenings at the rink during COVID-19


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