What is a private lesson? 
A private lesson is a great way to get one on one instruction for either the recreational or competitive skater. 
Private Lessons can be taken in conjunction with the Learn to Skate Classes to help master the skills from each class or can be taken independently if you are wanting to advance your skills.
Private lessons are held on public or freestyle sessions or freestyle sessions.

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About our coaches

Our coaches are highly qualified instructors who specialize in all areas from the beginner through olympic level of training. 
 There are two levels of coaches at SDIA 
•Junior Coach (specializing in beginner skaters) 
•Senior Coach (specializing in beginner through advanced levels)

Frequently asked questions

What makes a coach, a Sr. Coach?  

Knowledge, dedication, and experience. Each of our Sr. Coaches posses these qualities and maintain their status as a Sr. Coach through yearly continuing education programs and a strong partnership with the San Diego Ice Arena.  

What makes a coach, a Jr. Coach?  

Dedication. Each of our Jr. Coaches posses an incredible amount of dedication and are employed by the San Diego Ice Arena. Their job in a way can be called an internship. Jr. Coaches are limited to coaching the Starter through Alpha  levels.
They are here to gain the knowledge and experience we expect in every ice skating professional.

Are freestyle or public sessions included? 

No. Freestyle sessions and public sessions must be purchased separately from your private lesson, unless you are enrolled in the skating school program that entitles you to unlimited free public sessions.

Private Lesson Policies 

Ice skating instructors must be granted permission to coach on the premises. Coaches listed on the “Sr. Coaches” list are a select group of highly qualified and experienced coaches which make up the Sr. Coaching staff of the San Diego Ice Arena. Although these instructors are contractors with the San Diego Ice Arena, they provide private lessons independently and directly with San Diego Ice Arena patrons.

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