What is a Freestyle Session?

A freestyle session is ice time specifically designated for competitive figure skaters. 
Morning freestyle skaters are expected to be at the Freestyle 3 level or higher. Afternoon freestyle skaters should be a strong Gamma or Delta level. 
Please look over our current Freestyle Schedule for more information 

FreeStyle Sessions

Freestyle Prices

Walk-on Session for $13.00 
Walk-on 1/2 Session for $8.00
30 Sessions for $330.00 ($11.00 per session)
15 Sessions for $180.00 ($12.00 per session) 
6 sessions for $75 (12.50 per session)
30 1/2 Sessions for $210.00 ($7.00 per session)*
15 1/2 Sessions for $110.00 ($7.33 per session)** 
Half-sessions can be purchased by skaters who need extra time on a session in order to complete a lesson. Prices are subject to change without notice. 
Please view our freestyle program for more information.

San Diego Figure Skating Club

San Diego Ice Arena is proud to have one of the top clubs in the country as their “home club”.  San Diego Figure Skating Club recently celebrated their 75th year as an affiliate to the U.S. Figure Skating Association. 
Please visit their website for up to date information.

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