SDIA Youth Hockey Program

Welcome to the SDIA Ice Hockey Program. We offer a house league program for all youth ages, as well as tournament and travel team options for you and your favorite hockey player(s) to choose from. We also offer many adult league options too. Navigate our wide variety of programs for youth and adult players and if you have questions please contact our devoted hockey director, Craig Sterling; or phone +1 (858) 602-6401

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The SDIA hockey program is always looking for highly motivated hockey coaches,  Please phone Craig if interested  +1 (858) 602-6401.

If you have a new player that is 4-9 years old and would like to try hockey for free for 6 weeks email we provide all the equipment , you will just need a stick. This is the best program for any new players that want to try hockey. Class is Saturday Mornings 1045-1140 AM  CLICK HERE to sign up.



You can join a SDIA in House team any time of the year and the cost will be pro rated. Lets play hockey



San Diego Ice Arena’s
Youth House League

Spring 2018

Register now for the SDIA Youth Spring Hockey League. Season starts April 7. Practices will be held on Mondays, Thursdays, or Sundays. Must have a team jersey ($45 in Pro Shop).   Sign up now online at or in the SDIA Pro Shop. Sign up Anytime in the Summer and fee will be pro rated.


For More Information Contact Hockey Director Craig Sterling 858-602-6401 or

San Diego Ice Arena’s 10th Annual


Open to Tournament and Travel Players

All Divisions B-AAA Mite-Bantam One High Intensity Coach-Controlled Game Per Week Open to Players from All Rinks $300 • Includes Pro Jersey!

All Games will take place at the San Diego Ice Arena April 9 – July 30, 2018* Mites (’10 -’11): Mondays 5:30 PM Squirts (’08-09): Mondays 6:40 PM Pee Wees (’06-’07): Mondays 7:50 PM Bantams (’04 -’05): Wednesdays 8:45 PM *Subject to blackout dates

For More Information Contact Hockey Director Craig Sterling 858-602-6401 or

San Diego Ice Arena’s presents

High School Prep Hockey Program

April 9-July 30

SDIA is now offering a High School Prep Program that focuses on skill development for high school players who are looking to play in San Diegoʼs Anaheim Ducks High School Hockey League, or SCAHA. This program is open to varsity and junior varsity level players with birth years 2004-1999. The sessions will be Mondays and Thursdays at 9 PM, and will include many high intensity, advanced scrimmages at SDIA. Sign up online or at the SDIA Pro Shop. Space is limited. Cost $375

For More Information Contact Hockey Director Craig Sterling 858-602-6401 or

San Diego Ice Arena’s

SCAHA PreSelect Training

April 12-August 4


Open to all SCAHA & Potential SCAHA Players Squirt-Bantam Advanced Training by SCAHA Coaches Open to Players from All Rinks April 12-August 4 $300

Squirts: Saturdays 3:15 PM Pee Wees: Thursdays 7:50 PM Bantams: Fridays 7:00 PM

*Subject to blackout dates

For More Information Contact Hockey Director Craig Sterling 858-602-6401 or

San Diego Ice Arena’s

3 on 3 Hockey Training


April 11- August 1 Open to Players From All Rinks
Cost $300

From mini-mites to the NHL, small arena games are being implemented to foster speed, agility, creativity, and most importantly, involvement in the game. Playing on a smaller surface with fewer players allows everyone more opportunities to make plays, develop skills, and have more fun. In 3-on-3 games, players will handle the puck and skate as much as three regular 5-on-5 games — More shots, more passing, more fun!

Squirts Wednesdays 6:25 PM Pee Wees Wednesdays 7:35 PM

For More Information Contact Hockey Director Craig Sterling 858-602-6401 or

Code of Conduct

(1)Code of Conduct Coaches Code of Conduct

    • Be a positive role model
    • Be consistent, honest, fair and just
    • Encourage all players to be team players
    • It’s called coaching but it really is teaching. Don’t just tell them, show them the reasons
    • Maximize skill, respect, and love of the game of hockey Players Code of Conduct
    • Be a good sport
    • Be on time for practices and games
    • Be a team player
    • Respect your coaches, teammates, parents, opponents and officials
    • Time together for team unity and friendships. HAVE FUN Parents Code of Conduct
    • Bring your athlete to practices and games on time
    • No parents at or around the bench please
    • Avoid the temptation to bombard your child with advice on the drive to the rink. Emphasize focus, maximum effort and fun
    • Do not offer your child money or similar incentives for goals or wins. It teaches individualism over team play
    • Never criticize officials, coaches or other players in front of your child
    • Always find something positive to say to your child after a game or practice
    • Be a role model. Avoid criticisms and negative talk in the stands.
    • Approach coaches with concerns calmly and rationally and you will always be heard

Players play. Coaches coach. Parents encourage, cheer and support.

Hockey Classes

(1)Classes (2)Mini Mite Skills       Best Hockey Class in City for Young Ones   Sign up for the season which goes from Sept to End of March or the summer session which is April to end of August. You will get a jersey, get two practices a week 1 hour each and in the winter holiday season you will play mini games down at Horton Plaza on the outdoor rink. You will also get unlimited public skating and you can join anytime and the cost will be pro-rated. We also have a walk on or 6-12 week session also.   $13 walk-on or sign up for either 6 or 12 weeks.   This class can be taken with the Beginning hockey class. If this class if taken with the beginning hockey class it is offered as a two for one. The mini mite class requires full equipment and the ability to skate independently. It is offered from 10:45 – 11:10 AM.   This class is offered to the beginning skater who is mastering skating with the puck. This class is geared to teach skaters the beginning rules and applications of hockey. This class builds on the lessons learned in the beginning hockey classes. You can sign up in the SDIA Pro Shop. With enrollment in this class you receive a card which allows you to practice at ANY public session, three times a week for the number of weeks you register. You can register for as few as 6 weeks or the entire 12 week session. If you prefer, you can pay a walk-on fee each week. The cost is $12.00 per class. If you choose this walk on option you will be given a pink slip each week, which you should give to the instructor. This option does NOT include any public session practice.


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(2)Youth Beginning Hockey   Saturdays 10:45am – 11:15am   $13 walk-on or sign up for either 4 or 12 weeks   This class is offered through the Skating School but it is a hockey class. It is offered on Saturday mornings from 10:45 – 11:15 AM.   This class is geared for the pure beginner. A skater who is just learning to skate in hockey skates. The age varies in this class. The class focus is basic skating, stopping, and simple drills to improve and teach the beginner all about hockey skating. All skaters should wear a minimum of hockey skates. This is a great way to try hockey skating without the cost of purchasing the gear. You can sign up in the skate shop. With enrollment in this class you receive a card which allows you to practice at ANY public session, three times a week for the number of weeks you register. You can register for as few as 6 weeks or the entire 12 week session. If you prefer, you can pay a walk-on fee each week. The walk-on cost is $13.00 per class. If you choose this walk on option you will be given a pink slip each week, which you should give to the instructor. The walk-on option does NOT include any public session practice. MUST HAVE OWN STICK

Power Skating   A 30 minute power skating class offered through the Skating School. It is offered on Fridays from 5:40 – 6:10 PM.   It is designed to improve speed and agility. This is a class offered to intermediate level hockey players. All skaters who take this class should wear full hockey gear and bring a stick. Pucks are NOT used during this class. To participate you can sign up in the skate shop. With enrollment in this class you receive a card which allows you to practice at ANY public session, three times a week for each week you are registered. You can register for as few as 4 weeks or the entire 12 week session. If you prefer, you can pay a walk in fee each week. The cost is $13.00 per class. If you choose this walk on option you will be given a pink slip each week. Give the slip to the instructor. This option does NOT include any public session practice option.  . These classes are open to intermediate level skaters and above. All ages are welcome. Skaters are encouraged to set a pace for themselves to get the most out of the class.  To sign up for the class follow the link on the web page. This is a brief overview of our classes offered at our arena. Please do not hesitate to ask questions of any member of the SDIA staff. We strongly believe that these classes help build each individual player and program. Please take part in the many opportunities offered here. CLICK HERE TO SEE VIDEO 

Youth Developmental   Fridays 6:10 pm – 6:55PM (Admission $13 for walk on or 4 weeks for $40)   This is a 45 minute  class and players should wear Full equipment. You will work on speed, puck control, stick handling, shooting. To participate in this class each skater has two payment options. The first option is Swipe cards. The cards are available in the Pro Shop. The swipe card can be loaded with 4 sessions at a cost of $40.00.   These sessions do not expire. Each skater is responsible for handing the card to the cashier at the skate shop window to have the card swiped prior to entering the arena. If you are not interested in the swipe card, you can pay a walk-on fee prior to entering the ice. The cost is $13.00 per session. Please retain your receipt and have your hand stamped for either payment option. Please show your receipt and hand stamp to the door monitor prior to entering the ice.   Contact Craig Sterling with any questions.

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Private Lessons

Private Lessons Your Player has great potential Maximize it with Personalized Private Instruction Learn from Players That Have Been There! Learn fundamentals and strengthen your hockey skills:

    • Skating (balance, speed, agility, backward, forward)
    • Shooting (accuracy and power on wrist, snap, backhand, snapshots)
    • Stick Handling and Puck Control ( playmaking, passing)
    • Speed of Execution (anticipation, reaction, quickness)
    • Face Offs, Checking, and Tie-ups
    • Defensive and Offensive Positioning (blocking, angling, deeking)
    • On-Ice Communication and Leadership
    • Mentoring

Individualized training for all ages and levels:

    • Beginners In-House league to Travel B, A, AA, AAA, Juniors
    • For specialized goaltending training,
    • please contact Craig Sterling

To get Private lessons with Coach Brad or Coach Craig Email

SCAHA Hockey

(1) SCAHA Hockey        2018-2019 Season   TRAVEL TEAMS PLAY THROUGH OUT SOUTHERN CALIFORNIA AND SOME TOURNAMENTS ARE OUTSIDE CALIFORNIA. THIS LEAGUE IS FOR THE MORE ADVANCED PLAYER   As the Oilers look ahead to the 2018-2019 season, the coaches see plenty of talented players. SDIA will be fielding 2 Squirt (08-09) Coached By Mike Morneau B team and Squirt BB/A coached by Anh Nguyen. 3  Peewee  teams (06-07) coached by Mitch Rodin BB/A , Gary Andreassi BB and Peewee B coached by Mike Jager ,  Bantam  teams (04-05) coached by John Simon A , John Baxter B   Join the best hockey program in San Diego. For the 2018-19 season SDIA is looking at having 7 teams. For over 39 years, the Oilers have celebrated the development and growth of youth hockey in the greater San Diego area. The San Diego Ice Arena offers something for everyone, from beginning skaters to high-level, advanced players looking to play Juniors or college hockey. The SDIA hockey program is family friendly and concentrates on all aspects of developing the child into a young adult. Our Tournament Teams offer competitive hockey for house league players without the expense and commitment of a pure travel team. Tournament teams are offered from Mites to Pee Wees. Tournaments are played in San Diego, Orange County, LA County, San Jose, Arizona, and Las Vegas. House league and tournament players are welcome and able to join all year long.       Our Travel Teams play either SCAHA (Southern California Amateur A & B level) or CAHA (California Amateur AA) and participate in tournaments across Northern America, traveling as far as Boston and Quebec. Travel teams are offered from Squirts to Midgets. Try-outs for AA, A, & B travel hockey are held in June. The season runs September to March.       Our coaches are certified (levels 3-5) and many have professional experience.       Contact Craig Sterling for more information on private lessons or choosing the appropriate level for your player.


Sign up for Pre Tryout Clinics and Tryouts Save $ Sign up Early  CLICK HERE TO SIGN UP 

    IF YOU ARE PLANNING TO PLAY SCAHA YOU MUST GET A SCAHA NUMBER FOLLOW THESE STEPS ASAP 2018-2019 SCAHA Season Pass Registration Register now to participate in tryouts for the 2018-2019 season.  As we move forward towards the 2018-2019 Season, you will need to register your child for the upcoming season to participate in tryouts.  To register, you will need:   Your child’s USA hockey 2018-19 membership. Once you have your USA hockey membership and you have logged in to the SCAHA site (using the same login as last year), go to Register for SCAHA in the options menu and follow these steps(click link to download step by step instruction) to complete the process and receive your 2018-2019 SCAHA Season pass If you do not have an existing account, select the Create Account link enter your information as the parent and create the account.  Once your account is created select the Register for SCAHA option and follow the steps.

2018-19 COACHES

Goalie Club

Goalie Club   For goalie training and one on one lessons contact We do training Fridays 6:25 pm   SDIA TV Goalie Clinic  

    • Consider your stance the foundation of your goaltending abilities, as your speed and power begin here. InGoal Magazine recommends that you have a comfortable stance while bending your knees significantly, rather than your back. Bent knees allow you to generate power as you push off the ice, which allows you to follow the puck while keeping you close enough to the ice to stop lower shots.

Control Rebounds

    • Maintain a commitment to controlling your rebounds, as rebound control can make your life as a goalie much easier. Former NHL goalie Kevin Weekes believes that equipment, skating ability, and technique all contribute to rebound control ability, as they determine the angle at which the puck will hit you. Watch how professional goalies keep the puck close to them or direct them into the corner, as they work hard to eliminate rebound scoring chances.

Work on Positioning

    • Keep yourself in good position at all times. According to InGoal Magazine, you should keep yourself square to the shooter and make small movements to adjust to any movements that the puck makes. Make sure that your head remains aligned with the puck because this ensures that your body stays in the proper position.

Skating Matters

    • Practice your skating often–some goaltenders neglect this important skill and pay for it in the long run. Hockey Canada teaches all of its goalies to work on their control and mobility, as goalies must start, stop, and push off to stay in position. Work on changing directions while skating, since most shooters will attempt to shoot the puck away from your body, forcing you to move quickly to make the save.

Puck-handling Skills

    • Work on your puck handling regularly, as it gives your team a distinct advantage. InGoal Magazine reports that a goalie skilled in puck-handling can prevent the opposing team from gaining control of the puck in the offensive zone. Practice your puck handling frequently, as leads to fewer scoring chances for the opposing team and, therefore, fewer saves for you to make.



Shaun Simmons   NAHL Scranton Knights Junior A

 Michael Jared Wiese ‘1994 Forward SDIA travel, SCAHA, CAHA teams for 8 years from 2005-2012 Played for Craig Sterling, Scott Currie, Sandy Fitzpatrick San Diego State Aztecs Division 2 Hockey team 2012-2013 
   Michael M. Kaplan ‘1994’ Forward Cal State Fullerton “Titans” 2012-13 Ice Hockey (Division 2 ACHA/WCHA) SDIA Ice Hockey Player from 2006-2012 (SCAHA, CAHA, Travel and House League) Coached by: Ron Fay, Sandy Fitzpatrick, Miles Kaplan, Jeff Ibsen, Craig Sterling and countless others!
  Degan O’Seanasay Clay 1993 Defense,Center   Accepted a scholarship to Lindenwood University in St. Charles MO   Will be playing in their Roller program for the 2012/2013 Season   SDIA travel, SCAHA, CAHA teams as well as NARCH and AAU Jr Olympics   Played for Don Oliver, Scott Currie, Sandy Fitzpatrick, and many others Thatcher Demko   Omaha Lancers USHL JUNIOR A   USA National Development Team   Boston College  Drafted Vancouver Canucks NHL
 Brian Williams   Wenatchee Wild NAHL Juniors       Omaha Lancers USHL Junior A       
Evan Schmidbauer       Wenatchee Wild NAHL Junior A  
Chad Ruhwedel      UMASS Lowell Division 1   Buffalo Sabres NHL  
Justin Cintas   Langley Riverman BCHL Junior A Canada      
Garrett Taylor   Lethbridge Hurricanes WHL Major Junior A Canada   
Aaron Peterson  Northern Cyclones EJHL New Hampshire , commited to Becker College Hockey Worcester ,Mass   
Steven Sherman   St Olaf Division III NCAA Northfield, Minnesota   
Kory Grahl   Western New England College  
Nick Sciabara   Oregon Ducks College Hockey  
AJ Wright   Northern Arizona Lumberjacks College Hockey   
Troy Grahl   Fresno Monster NAHL Junoir Hockey   
Nathan Sigmund   St Albert Saints Alberta Jr A Hockey Canada   Northern Michigan Hockey Scholarship Div 1  
Dan Comrie   Lincoln Stars USHL Junior A  
Marky Klasen   Atlanta Knights   Empire Junior Hockey League  
Steve Terry   2013 National Champion Williston State Tetons. NJCAA Frozen Four played in Rochester, New York,   Jr a Tier III National Champions St Louis Jr Blues   
Nik Olsson   Sioux City, USHL    USA National Development team   Boston University   
Ryan Mowery   Westminister Prep school  
Max Balaban 2/24/1991   Tilton Prep School, Tilton NH Northern Cyclones-Atlantic Junior Hockey League Plattsburgh State University(DIII SUNYAC) Elmira College(DIII ECAC West)   
Grant Gallo   University of Omaha Division 1 College  
Red Brawner   Atlanta Knights   Empire Junior Hockey League  
Jake Slaker   Bloomington USHL   D1 college hockey at St. Lawrence University
Nate Kallen Ferris State University Div 1 College

Rory Herman NCAA Division 1 Arizona State

Andrew Erwin Hibbing Varsity as a freshman
Eden Prairie varsity .
Gray  Erwin Hibbing Varsity and Ep varsity
2 place Minnesota state tourney
Gray Erwin Kenai Alaska with the NAHL Kenai Brown bears!

Mite 1 (Thursday 4:20pm)

Coach: Dave Hough (

Brayden Hough

Teddy Hardwick

Hudson Hardwick

Minyoung Bang

Jinyoung Bang

Skyler Armstrong

Liam Murphey

Carter Smith

Loki Thompson

Stellen Thompson

Waylon Lyons
Adella Hambrick

Mite 2 (Thursday 4:20pm)

Coach: Dave Toth (

Dylan Toth

Ryder Lynch

Elie Perlov

Charlie Wood

Finley Simkin

Boyd LeBlanc

Colton Flore

Liam Plamu(can’t read the rest)

Adam Guitierrez

Azlan Sabir

Ian Chee

Maxim Zaets

Mite 3 (Sunday 3:15pm)

Coach Dan Arel (

Asst. Coach: Dan Dasko

London Arel

Arman Shoaee

Caleb Yang

Larry Johnson

Kyle Johnson

Jacob Spear

Sean Bai

Chase Delanis

Leilani DuBoise

Andrew Woods

Wilson Adams

Nhat Huy Tran

Noah Rosenthal

Mite 4 (Sunday 3:15pm)

Coach Mike Gimasauskas (

Asst. Coach: Eric Humphreys

Zachary Grimasauskas

Mason Humphreys

Cole Frayer

Evan Frayer

Sebastian Steinbusch

Connor Bray

Ryan Ensley

Justin Gomes

Egor (George) Kalambert

Turner Munsch

Max Osbourne

Nathan Lin

Luca Ivanic




 Squirt 1 (Monday 4:20pm)

Monday 4:20

Coach Radek Nemecek ( )

Nathan Lin

Aston Lovecky Gall

Daniel Chun

Jack Silva

Saidar Bohm

Finn Pattinson

Arman Shoaee

Andrey Zaets

Cruz Partida

Connor Guerrier

Gavin Dominek

Erik Forsberg

Daniel Nemecek

Jackson Felder

Ace Militar

William Teglia

Nash Wilford

SQUIRT 3 Thursdays 530 pm
Squirt 3 ( thursday 5:30pm )
Coach: Dave Hough ( )/ Mike Knauf ( )

George Kalambet

Dallas Toth

Micah Knauf

Eli Hough

Trenton Berry

Larry Johnson

Nathan Pacumio

Dave Wood

Chase Mortimer

Turner Munch

Matthew Cavanaugh

Damian Castelloe

Stefan Kaiser

Min Young

Jin Young

Vigo Garcia


Squirt 2 (Monday 4:20pm)
Coach: Martin Nilsen ( )

Monday 4:20

Martin Nilsen ( )  Mcphee, Clark

Michael Nielsen

Myles Furtado

Corvin Barber

Dylan Yu

Julian Thomas

Luca Saputo

Caden Clark

Nate Ogle

Aryan Moafipoor

Elliot Engel

Simon Engel

Kellan Morneau

Kellan McPhee

Squirt 4 Sundays 315 pm
Squirt 4 (Sunday 3:15pm )
Coach: Eric Titterud (

Jack McCloskey

Roman Garcia

Elias Georgis

Ari Rosenthal

William Huang

Owen Schrader

Brandon Flore

Jacob Stewart

Max Rickenbrod

Aria Sabzeghar

Brendan Katzke

Ethan Yang

Ethan Sestok

Khalil abat

Brody Schilles



SDIA PEEWEE 1   Thursday 530 pm


Peewee 1 (Radek Nemecek)
Daniel Nemecek
Aaron Ammar
Felix Ammar
Garion Barber
Cayden Kuss
Jon Winslow
Ben Rees
Kai Shepherd
Daniil Kalambet
Vincent Mathias
Oliver Cannon
Gavin Ireland
Adrian Juarez
Benjamin Neil
Keaton Struble
Jeremiah Daynes
Lucas Midoro
Henry Izadi

Peewee 2 640 PM THURSDAY
Pee Wee 2 
Mitchell Kaplan
Atticus Gannod
Joaqin Miranda
Sebastian Pierce
Lucas Pierce
Lou Webb
Travis McGowan
Henry Izadi
Dominic Hernandez
Grant Gancarz
Pranay Kulkarni
Owen Walti
Justin Larson
Kai Lange
Max Cowdery
RJ Silva



Peewee 3 (Gary Andreassi)
Lily Andreassi
Emily Waugaman
Olivia Reagan
Jesse Castelloe
Olivia Castelloe
Merry Stansfield
Marlie Berglin
Sydney Sylvester
Sophia Sidell (G-part time only)
Colson Lynch
Chris Whitcomb
Isaiah Lloyd
Eric Shi
Evan King
Mateo Sais Montoya
Shea Murray
Stefan Bradley
Henry Izadi





Rebecca Green
Karisma Brown
Madeline Kocher
Kinan Sabri
Julie Segnit
Olivia Castelloe
Jessie Castelloe
Carly Cordero
Michelle Davidovich
Mia Ramirez
Syd Sylvester

Bantam 1
Tuesdays 8 pm practice
Coaches BJ Welsh
 ASST COACH Jim Miller 
Trent Green
Dante Babic
Jon Paul Gutierrez
Bradley Lawson
Ashton Robbins
Maison Welsh
Max Cowdery
Trent Forsyth
Partick Miller
Sean Miller
Brendan Tran
Eli Hensey

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