Tryouts 2016-2017 Season

March 26, 2016

Love team sports and ice skating, then synchronized skating is for you! If you have a curiosity of how the synchronized skating lifestyle would be like, tryout for Shining blades and see how team building, friendships and skating in unison will strengthen your ice skating life. If you make the team, you get to compete, travel, and get free public session for the season.  EAT. SLEEP. SYNCHRO. Good Luck!!


1) Open Juvenile – 8:00am – 8:20am

                               ages: 11-18

                               Requirement: passed Preliminary MITF

  • Cross strokes: Forward and backward (MITF Juvenile)
  • Forward and Back Perimeter Power Stroking (MITF Pre Juvenile Pattern 1)
  • Outside and inside Spiral (Prelim. MITF)
  • 1 full revolution jump of choice
  • 1 spin of choice
  • Brackets (right forward inside Intermediate MITF)

2) Pre-Juvenile – 8:20am – 9:00am

                                Ages: 8-13

                               Requirement: passed Preliminary MITF

  • Forward Stroking (Pre-Prelim MITF)
  • Forward and Back Perimeter Power Stroking (MITF Pre Juvenile Pattern1)
  • Forward Power 3-turns (Pre-Juv. MITF)
  • Spirals Outside and inside (Prelim MITF)
  • 5-Step Mohawk (Juvenile MITF)

3) Preliminary – 9:00am – 9:35am

                               Ages: 7-11

                               Requirement: passed Pre-Preliminary MITF/Freestyle 3 & above

  • Forward Stroking
  • Forward Crossovers (Pre-Juv. MITF)
  • Forward Spiral (Pre-Prelim MITF)
  • Mohawk (both directions) (Rt. Mohawk, left over right back crossovers, step forward)
  • 3-turns (both directions) (Rt. Outside 3, right over left back xo, left outside 3, repeat
  • Backward Lunge

4) Junior Youth Formation – 9:45am – 10:15am

                                Ages: 6-9

                               Requirement: passed Beta & above

  • Forward Stroking                                           * Bunny Hop
  • Forward Crossovers   (both directions)
  • Forward Lunge
  • Forward Spiral


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