Hours of Operation

Sunday – Saturday: 10am – 8pm
*Sharpening services are available during all business hours.

About Us

The SDIA Pro Shop has the best selection of ice hockey and figure skating equipment in San Diego County. We carry quality products from companies such as: Bauer, Jackson/Ultima, Warrior, Riedell, True HockeyChloe NoelMondor, John Wilson, and MK Blades. We also have a fully equipped service center ready to handle a variety of skate repairs and custom work. For any questions concerning hockey or figure skating equipment feel free to call us at (858) 530-1825 or email us at ProShop@sdice.com.

San Diego Ice Arena

11048 Ice Skate Place

San Diego, CA 92126

Menu of Services

Standard Sharpen

A standard sharpen at SDIA is a 7/16″ hollow.

Pro Sharpen

For extra attention or rare blade types.

Radius and Rocker

Fix or adjust a hockey skate radius and rocker.

First Time Sharpen

For skates that have never been sharpened.

Boot Stretch

Stretch the toe box and heel of a skate.

Heat Mold

Skates are heated in an oven to help shape them to your feet.

Boot Punch

Press out a pressure point on a skate boot.

Replace Rivet or Eyelet 

Fix broken rivets or eyelets on skates.

Replace All Hardware

For skates that need all their rivets and/or eyelets replaced.

Plug and Mount

Plug holes in figure boots and mount blades.

Hockey Stick Cut

Cut a hockey stick to the right length.

Jersey Name or Number

Press a name or number onto jersey.


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