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SDIA Pro Shop

Hours of Operation

Open 10am – 8pm Everyday

Sharpening Available During all Business Hours

Contact Us

11048 Ice Skate Place

San Diego, CA 92126


(858) 530-1825

Menu of Services

Standard Sharpen

A standard sharpen at SDIA is a 7/16″ hollow.

Pro Sharpen

For extra attention or rare blade types.

Radius and Rocker

Fix or adjust a hockey skate radius and rocker.

First Time Sharpen

For skates that have never been sharpened.

Boot Stretch

Stretch the toe box and heel of a skate.

Heat Mold

Skates are heated in an oven to help shape them to your feet.

Boot Punch

Press out a pressure point on a skate boot.

Replace Rivet or Eyelet 

Fix broken rivets or eyelets on skates.

Replace All Hardware

For skates that need all their rivets and/or eyelets replaced.

Plug and Mount

Plug holes in figure boots and mount blades.

Hockey Stick Cut

Cut a hockey stick to the right length.

Jersey Name or Number

Press a name or number onto jersey.