Have your birthday party at The San Diego Ice Arena, where your child is the star!

We offer the most immersive party experience in San Diego. Each birthday party gets a Skate Hero to host the party from start to finish. 

Parents can sit back, relax and watch the fun as we take care of everything. Selecting a party is easy, we offer one main package with a couple options to best suit your needs.

First shift parties: 11:30AM-3:00PM they will be in the party room from 11:30AM-1:00PM and skating from 1:00PM-3:00PM:

2nd shift parties: 12:30PM-4:30PM they will be skating from 1:00PM-3:00PM and in the party room from 3:00PM-4:30PM.

All Parties must book 72 hours before the weekend of their party. To book a party or for more information contact our program office at 858-530-1826 or email

Book one of our world famous parties now!

Best Party Heroes at San Diego Ice Arena: Cierra!!!

Best Party Heroes at San Diego Ice Arena: Cierra!!!

San Diego Ice Arena has the most fabulous party hosts on the west coast!! Meet Party Hero Cierra!!!  One of our loudest and most eccentric party hosts!! Cierra began working at the San Diego Ice Arena in February of 2013. She started...

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Best Party Heroes at San Diego Ice Arena: Allen!

Best Party Heroes at San Diego Ice Arena: Allen!

San Diego's VERY best Party Heroes are right here at the San Diego Ice Arena!! Meet Party Hero Allen!! He is one of our goofiest and silliest party heroes! Allen has been working at SDIA since October of 2016 and started out as a...

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Food Included

  • Pizza: Three O’s Pizzas (formerly Pat and Oscars) are included in the package. Your choice of cheese or pepperon is included in price. Premium Viggie, O’s Combo or Meat Lovers pizzas are available for an additional charge.
  • Giant Salad: One large O’s salad with Caesar dressing, cheese, and croutons.
  • Cake: One quarter sheet cake from a local bakery is included. Your choice of vanilla or chocolate.
  • Ice Cream Sandwiches: Individual vanilla ice cream sandwiches for all party attendees.


  • One-Topping Pizza: $15
  • Premium Veggie, O’s Combo or Meat Lovers Pizza: $18
  • Wings: 18 piece for $23 (choice of lemon, BBQ, or spicy)
  • Macaroni and Cheese – $27
  • Giant Salad: Caesar $32 or Greek $34
  • Bread sticks: A dozen for $7

Cake Upgrades

  • 1/4 Sheet cake upgrade to 1/2 Sheet cake: $15
  • Extra 1/4 Sheet cake: $25
  • 2 Double Layer 8-inch Round cakes instead of the 1/4 sheet cake: $10
  • Extra Frozen Themed Cake: $35 (Only available for Frozen Party Packages)

Mackenzie’s party was so amazing!! From the minute we drove into the parking lot, to the time we left, I’ve never experienced a party that was so well organized and so customer service oriented. Not only was I wowed, but my guests were too. Several of Mackenzie’s friends want to have their party at the San Diego Ice Arena. I’ve had nine birthday parties for Mackenzie and this was the best one. Julie and Juliana were amazing and they were so patient and caring towards the kids. They were so attentive and really made Mackenzie and her guests feel special. The food was delicious and all of the activities were so well organized. I appreciate the level of customer service we received. Thank you so much for the best party ever!!


Thank you so much for organizing a fabulous party for Ella! It was so beyond what we had hoped for. The price freaked me out for years, but when I saw how much was included, how many games the kids did, and all the bells and whistles, it seemed like a total bargain! I was incredibly stressed that day–not just the Ralph’s cake fiasco but a stupid long story involving a U-haul and moving furniture for 3 hours before the party–but I tried my best to “Let it Go”. Anyway, I just hope my rotten mood wasn’t apparent that day. Looking back, I’m incredibly appreciative of everything you and Ali did. The kids were ecstatic; there are no words to describe Ella’s happiness. Thanks again for finding those retainers– I’m starting to think you are a Superhero!

From C.T.

I just wanted to take some time to thank you and all the San Diego ice arena crew. You guys made my daughters birthday experience a great one. Lynn was wonderful. She was so helpful with my daughter on the ice. She was there every step helping her. The food was wonderful. All the games were super fun. i will definitely be recommending this place to all my friends.

Marisol Q

Excellent place for a birthday party for my 8 year old. I was very skeptical of having a party here, but the parents and the kids loved the ice skating!!! The party hero RJ was good with the kids on the ice. Giving them a quick lesson prior to entering the ice and another quick tutorial after they were on the ice. The party went from good to great once we went upstairs into the party room where RJ preformed magic tricks that the kids are still talking about.

  •   Tip #1 if you book a party here request RJ!!!! I didn’t spend anytime with the other party hero but he made my daughters party a success!!! Tip #2 be prepared to have lots of fun!!! This place exceeded my expectations

Darryll T

We had my daughter’s 6th birthday party here a few weeks ago and all of the kids and parents loved it!  It was different and introduced most of my daughter’s friends to the ice for the very first time.  Our party hero was Ms Pickle and she was amazing – she was with us from start to finish and took care of every little detail of the party.  All we had to do is just show up!   She was so energetic and fun, the kids loved it.

Sophie C

So much better than UTC rink.  Not to compare  but… They play fun music,  equipment is good.   The skates are comfortable so you almost want to skate longer.   The facility turns down the  lights and made it like a disco with a strobe light . All the skaters and Kids loved it.   Then they do group dances in the middle where adults and kids can join in and be silly.   It was precious to see people let loose,  skate and be free.   Sounds corny but for someone not really wanting to go,  I had an unexpected blast.