SDIA is the proud owner of a new dehumidifier!

IMG_0055Now we know what you’re thinking… its awfully flashy for a dehumidifier. But! Not to worry, right in line with SDIA’s goals the new system is still a cost and energy efficient machine. Now mounted outside above the Zamboni gate, it operates on 60% of the energy of the old one and is much faster. The system detects changes in humidity levels of the rink and adjusts the usage rate automatically. This keeps the rink from fogging up.





The above photo was from opening day at the SD Gulls AHL game last year. As you can see all the fog on the ice was created by the heat coming from the audience in the stands and the light fixtures. This led to multiple delays in the game and is a good example of what can go wrong. Extra moisture in the air can also prevents the ice from freezing as quickly since the heat in the air now lingers.


IMG_0041The new system at SDIA prevents this problem from ever happening by drawing extra moisture out of the air when it detects there is too much.

Humid air goes into the new ventilation tube located above the bleachers and into the system.

The extra moisture is removed and the dry air is pumped back into the building.

So now if you ever leave the rink on a hot muggy day you can really feel the difference when you walk outside. Walking into pea soup and all that..



20160730_172621The old one was so bad i couldn’t even get a photo of it before they came and took it away. Here’s a picture of where it used to be in the back storage room.

Needless to say its gone now and we can all breath a little easier.