As a skating parent, it can be very frustrating to see your skater struggle with their consistency and performance in competitions. Many times, skaters have a hard time staying focused in practice and struggle to land new jumps or improve their overall skating ability in a timely fashion. Many parents and coaches alike, have witnessed a skater attribute a poor performance to losing focus, or tightening up under pressure,

~ the mental side of skating.

Despite that, athletes and coaches commonly try to correct poor performance simply through more practice time or program runs. Often, a lack of physical skills is not the real problem, but a lack of mental skills is. Just telling a skater to relax will not produce the desired effect unless that skater has already learned and practiced relaxation skills. Simply telling a skater to be confident does not magically instill it.

In a study looking at how important Mental Skills are to athletic success, most coaches consider sport to be at least 50% mental when competing against an opponent of similar ability, and certain sports, such as golf, tennis, and figure skating, are consistently viewed as 80% to 90% mental. (Leffingwell, Durand-Bush, Wurzberger, & Cada, 2005).

Why then, do most athletes spend so little time honing their mental toughness skills ?

 This summer, Shannon Peck, M.S. will lead a series of Mental Toughness Workshops at the San Diego Ice Arena.

  1. Help your skaters to:
  • ~ Boost self-confidence levels

  • ~ Stay calm under pressure

  • ~ Set effective goals

  • ~ Identify self-doubts and replace
    ineffective self-talk

  • ~ Use Visualization to increase concentration and consistency

  • ~ Improve focus control and skater’s pre-event routine

What: Four 1 hour workshops will be held on Saturdays from 1-2pm (Level 1). 2-3pm (Level 2) Skaters who have completed the first series should sign up for Level 2.

San Diego Ice Arena

Saturdays in August. 2018
Sat 4th  
Sat 11th  Sat 18th  Sat 25th

$100 for 4 sessions. Skaters need to sign up for the entire 4 sessions that make up the Mental Toughness Workshop.

One make up class will be provided on Monday 8/20 at 5pm.



Please visit for more information

Please e-mail Shannon at to sign up.

Tel: 760-505-2302


Mentally Tough Skaters is a program grounded in research findings and targets the areas that have enabled top performing athletes to achieve the highest levels of success. Each skater is given an individual performance profile, assessing areas for improvement. Give your skaters a key advantage by bridging the gap between research and practice. Sign up for the workshop that will begin your skater’s progression to becoming a mentally tough athlete with the self-knowledge they need to perform consistently.

Please visit for more information

Please e-mail Shannon at to sign up. 760-505-2302