As one of the largest recreational skating school programs in the country, the San Diego Ice Arena skating school program offers a welcoming, fun, and exciting way to teach toddlers, teens, and adults the artistry of ice skating. During each twelve week semester, skaters of all ages and levels will receive  individualized attention from our world class coaching staff. From tiny toddlers taking their first steps on the ice to high-level extreme power stroking, from adult, dance, and group performance classes, skaters of all skill levels and ages are sure to find a class that fits their needs. 
Semester Dates:
To be determined.
New to Ice Skating? 
The starter class is where it all begins.

Wendy  Smith

Skating Director

Figure Skating Program

San Diego Ice Arena is home to the Nationally ranked Team Del Sol synchronized skating team as well as many elite individual competitive skaters. 
Whether you are a competitive skater or just wanting to learn how to skate, 
San Diego Ice Arena has just the program for you.
Feel free to contact our Skating Director, Wendy Smith, to help you with your skating needs. 

After you’ve completed the starter class, these are your next levels:
The complete schedule is below the descriptions 

Pre-Alpha – Delta

Skaters learn the fundamentals outlined in the Ice Skating Institute skating levels along with additional elements to add some fun to each skating level.

Freestyle 1- 10

After the Delta level, skaters have the opportunity to participate in our Freestyle classes. These classes are designed for skaters who are looking to advance their skills with spins, footwork, spirals, turns and single/double jumps.

Stroking Classes

These courses are not only stamina and endurance classes but, will also help to produce quicker turns, faster speed and great balance. 

Harness Jump Classes

Designed for skaters at the Freestyle #4 level and above; This class gives skaters the opportunity to try different jumps (Axel and Double Jumps) while being supported by the overhead harness.  This is a great class to take away the fear of falling on advanced jumps.

Adult Dance/Moves In the Field

If you love the true beauty of gliding across the ice while skating to music then Dance Class is for you!  This is one of the more advanced classes we offer Adult skaters along with the Moves In The Field class which works on your edge and turning skills. 

Jump Start

Jump Start is a stepping stone into the United States Figure Skating competition system which is the most competitive part of the figure skating program. Skaters much have permission from their private skating instructor to be able to participate in this class.

Freestyle Sessions

A freestyle session is ice time specifically designated for competitive figure skaters. 
Morning freestyle skaters are expected to be at the Freestyle 3 level or higher. 
Afternoon freestyle skaters should be a strong Gamma or Delta level. 
Please look over our current Freestyle Schedule for more information

Freestyle Prices

Walk-on Session for $13.00 
Walk-on 1/2 Session for $8.00
30 Sessions for $330.00 
($11.00 per session)
15 Sessions for $180.00 
($12.00 per session) 
6 sessions for $75 
(12.50 per session)
30 1/2 Sessions for $210.00 
($7.00 per session)*
 15 1/2 Sessions for $110.00 
($7.33 per session)** 
Half-sessions can be purchased by skaters who need extra time on a session in order to complete a lesson. Prices are subject to change without notice. Please view our freestyle program for more information.

Freestyle Schedule