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Freestyle Sessions

a A freestyle session is ice time specifically designated for competitive figure skaters and allows more serious figure skaters a chance to practice their individual programs to music and to elevate their skills with advanced moves such as spins and jumps.
 Morning freestyle skaters are expected to be at the Freestyle 3 level or higher. Afternoon freestyle skaters should be a strong Gamma or Delta level. Please look over our current Freestyle Schedule for more information. On Dash – Schedule Walk-on Session for $13.00 .
30 Sessions for $330.00 ($11.00 per session)
15 Sessions for $180.00 ($12.00 per session)
6 Sessions for $75 (12.50 per session)

Walk-on 1/2 Session for $8.00
30 ½ Sessions for $175.00 ($5.83 per session)*
15 ½ Sessions for $90.00 ($6.00 per session)*
*Half-sessions can be purchased by skaters who need extra time on a session in order to complete a lesson.

All sessions are 45 minutes in length except Mon. 2:10 pm, 3:10 pm are 60 min.
Prices are subject to change without notice. Please view our freestyle program for more information.
*Thurs. 9:45 am is a Dance Session but will now be open to Freestyle skaters.
Freestyle skaters are asked to give priority to the dancers.
No Freestyle programs will be played during the session.
Prices & times are subject to change without notice. 

Download 2021 Freestyle Schedule Pdf Here
or View as Webpage


Private Lessons

A private lesson is a great way to get one on one instruction for either the recreational or competitive skater. Private Lessons can be taken in conjunction with the Learn to Skate Classes to help master the skills from each class or can be taken independently if you want to advance your skills. They can help cultivate & sharpen a new skill, help you to advance and prepare for Regional and National level competitions

CHOOSING A COACH. Our coaches are highly qualified instructors who specialize in all areas from the beginner through Olympic level of training.
We encourage you to observe our professional staff ‘in action’ and review their biographies here on the site. Generally, skaters initially become acquainted with our coaches when they participate in ‘group’ classes. Coaches set their own schedules and lesson lengths vary from 15 to 60 minutes. There are two levels of coaches at SDIA:

  • Junior Coach (specializing in beginner skaters)
  • Senior Coach (specializing in beginner through advanced levels)

Meet our Instructors

Synchronized Skating

TOGETHER WE ARE ONE. Synchronized skating is the fastest growing part of figure skating – with the grace of ballet, the elegance of ice dancing and the beauty of pair skating all combined into an amazing group performance on ice. There’s no other sport quite like it: a team of 8-20 athletes skating in unison – with speed, strength, agility and grace – in creative programs choreographed to music.
Synchronized skating is not only captivating to watch, but also compelling in the many ways it benefits young people:

  • Promotes teamwork and cooperation – Good communication and teamwork are essential for safety and strong performances. The team is judged on how well it skates as a unit, not on the unique performance of individual skaters.
  • Teaches self-discipline and dedication – Skaters arrive at practice promptly and work hard consistently, week after week.
  • Encourages individual skill-building – To perform the highly demanding moves required for group formations, a skater must continue to improve and maintain his/her individual skills.
  • Builds confidence and self-esteem – Team members experience the thrill of reaching a difficult goal through hard work, determination and cooperation. They feel the pride of being recognized for their achievements.
  • Teaches trust – Skaters learn to trust their teammates to perform their individual roles, for everyone’s safety.
  • Creates strong friendships – The bonds formed over the years, during team practices and competitions, can last a lifetime.
  • Promotes good sportsmanship – During competitions, teams and skaters wish each other luck, cheer each other on and exchange congratulations.
  • Teaches performance, grace and musicality – The experience of performing to music under pressure will benefit skaters in other life situations that require presentation skills

SDIA is home to two Synchronized Skating Programs

Team del Sol – the most successful synchronized skating program in the Pacific Coast . Under the direction of Head Coach, Karen Wiesmeier, Team del Sol teams consistently ranks at the top of their respective divisions at the Pacific Coast Sectional Championships and has earned medals at National Championships and International Competitions.

Shining Blades – representing the San Diego Figure Skating Club in both U.S. Figure Skating and ISI competitions at the Preliminary and Pre-Juvenile levels.  Skaters develop strong basics and understanding of the skills needed for advancement in levels and competition with the eventual progression into the Team del Sol program.
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Coaching Staff

Our elite coaching staff is the best around! Exceptionally qualified in a wide array of levels and disciplines to meet your skater’s individual needs. They can take beginners who have never been on the ice before right up through the competitive ranks. There are two levels of coaches here at SDIA
Junior Coach (specializes in beginner skaters)
Senior Coach (specializes in beginner through advanced level


Figure Skating Camp

SDIA’s popular and ‘FUN’ Ice Skating Camps are designed for skaters in the Delta level and above who would like to learn what it takes to become a great skater. On and off-ice sessions will focus on training the body as well as the mind with daily on-ice seminars and practice sessions, off-ice conditioning and dance classes as well as skating history and goal setting sessions. Our certified instructors are committed to providing the best experience possible for your child! Sdia’s Camp is station based where we incorporate different activities through the day to keep it FUN AND EXCITING!
Figure Skating Training is for the skater that truly wants to improve their figure skating abilities. Structure, dedication, hard work and time on and off the ice will provide each individual with the ability to succeed. Our mission is to achieve goals through positive reinforcement and guidance, while inspiring skaters to believe in themselves and help them create the athlete they wish to be at all levels.
DUE TO COVID-19, all camps for this summer have been canceled.

Daily Workshop
After a full warm-up session with our Jr. Coaches, the skaters will then suit up for a 45 minute on-ice workshop designed and instructed by our top coaching staff, the workshop will vary daily and include spin and jump technique, prop usage, footwork, music interpretation and uncaptured moves just to name a few.
Off Ice Sessions
Our off-ice sessions will mainly focus on dance classes including ballet and lyrical led by our resident dance instructors.
Off-ice sessions will also include hip hop, body conditioning, musicality and more. 
We will enjoy a midday break for lunch to relax and refuel.
Afterwards skaters are welcome to play games on the public session or just hang out in the Zaney Qub Room.
Education Series 
The Education series will begin with video analysis led by our instructors. The topics include skating history, various disciplines of ice skating, judging systems, jump technique, goal setting, confidence building and competition preparation.
Special Craft Project
We will have a special craft project during the week for the skaters to create a keepsake to remember their experience!
Afternoon Freestyle Sessions 
The afternoon freestyle session is designed to be a practice session where skaters can apply their daily lessons. Skaters will be supervised and assisted. Optional Private Lessons will be given on this session.
Sample Camp Schedule

9:00 am                     Check-in

9:10                            Warmup then lace up!

9:45                            On-Ice Workshop

10:45                          Dance Class

11:45                          Lunch

12:15 pm                   Free time

1:00                            Video lead discussion

2:00                            Supervised Freestyle practice

3:00                            Off-ice Conditioning Class

4:00 –5:00 pm          Open Public Session*
*Open Public Session skate is on Tuesday, Wednesday and Friday
Each Camp Skater will receive Authentic SDIA Team Wear!!
Things to bring

Good Tennis/Sports Shoes (No Sandals)
Yoga Mat
Lunch and Snacks
Jump Rope
Good Attitude!!!

Moves in the field

This 6 week workshop will primarily focus on Moves with guest appearances from outside coaches covering loops,  stroking, and more.  The 50 min. Off-ice conditioning portion of the workshop will follow directly after the On-ice portion.
Skaters meet in the front patio matted area.
The workshop is available for any level of skater who is currently working on their Pre-Preliminary Moves and above.

The Workshops are held on Wednesdays

Dates, Times and Fees to be announced by early June
(On Ice)  Wed. 9:45am – 10:30am

(Off Ice)  Wed  10:40am – 11:30am


San Diego Ice Arena is proud to host both ISI (recreational) and USFS (competitive) competitions. SDIA utilizes the latest technology available (JOT tablet system) to create a modern experience for skaters without sacrificing traditional values. Check out our scheduled competitions below. For additional info Please contact our Figure Director, Wendy Smith (Email Wendy).

California State Games
SDIA is the only facility in San Diego to host the California State Games.
The event is run under the Rules and guidelines of the Ice Skating Institute and takes place the first weekend of March each year.

SDIA Open Championships


Each year the San Diego Ice Arena is pleased to host their Inter rink ISI competition. 
This event is held toward the end of June



Skate La Grande
SDIA is the host to the yearly Sk. La Grande Competition run by the  San Diego Figure Club 
 The event is held in June and is run according to the United States Figure Skating association’s rules and regulations. 

ISI Competitions

These competitions are run in accordance to the Ice Skating Institute’s Rules and guidelines. 
These competitions are perfect if you are new to the world of competing and a great stepping stone into the more competitive USFS competitions.


USFS Competitions
These competitions are run in accordance to the United States Figure Skating association’s rules and regulations. 
Events are held for the Basic Skills through the Senior competitive skater levels.     


Holiday Show

Every December we are sure to delight you with the San Diego Ice Arena’s Christmas Spectacular!  We transform

the facility into a Winter Wonderland with spectacular skating, glitzy costumes, great music and superb lighting.
This is an event not to be missed. The shows feature group numbers from Sdia’s Learn to Skate classes, as well as solos and duets. All ages and abilities are welcome to participate.