Congratulations goes out to the SDIA Oilers SCAHA PW B 2 for making it to the CAHA California State finals. What a spectacular journey it has been.  Every member of the team has contributed to the overall success of the team, and we can’t thank the players and their families that supported them and encouraged along the way enough. The boys battled hard, through the round-robin tournament. Taking on Northern California’s top two teams. Our first battle was against the number 2 seed Capitol Thunder. The team came out of the gate with a decisive 5-1 victory. Our second game of the day was against our cross town rivals the Saints. They have proved to be our nemesis through out the season. We held a slim 1-0 lead going into the 3rd period until the lead fading and we battled back to lose 4-3 in a very exciting game. Our next game would be do or die, as we faced the top team from Northern California the Tri-Valley Blue Devils. Coming off a heartbreaking loss to the Saints, the team provided thrill after thrill. We were down 2 -1 in the late moments of the second period when we tied the game 2-2. The team rallied and used the momentum to go ahead 3-2 in the 3rd, only to have the Blue Devils tie the game at 3.  We managed another goal, and added an open net goal to finish the game 5-3. Another exciting finish, with all players thrilling the fans and coaches. The die was cast, the stage was now set for final game against the Saints. The Saints remained undefeated all season long, they were a very worthy adversary on all fronts. The kids were pumped, the energy was incredible, each player was poised to execute. And they did!  We jump out to a 2 – 0 lead very early in the game. The battle was fought heart and soul and defiantly. Slowly, the score changed against our efforts and valor. The final tally was 4 -2 Saints. A game well played, the victory well earned. We had met our match, it was their time.  The loss was a small disappointment, in comparison to the immeasurable gains of this past season. 2nd place in all of California is unbelievable!  Well done team, well done.  From the players, parents and coaches we can truly look back and say we are all winners. Hold your heads up high, walk very proudly, enjoy the a season that was filled with an enormous amount of success and fond memories that will last a lifetime.
To win the game is great; to play the game is greater; to love the game is the greatest of all.
Hockey On!

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