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Find the GREATEST Party Heroes in Southern California at the San Diego Ice Arena!!!

Meet Party Hero Thien-An!! She is one of SDIA’s craziest, sweetest, and hardest working party heroes!!

Thien-An has had a fun time entertaining children and teaching them how to skate since 2016 when she started at the San Diego Ice Arena as a Skate Hero. At the beginning of 2017 she trained as a Party Hero and has progressed quickly ever since!! Thien-An went from being a Party Hero to a Party Lead in just a couple months. She enjoys doing both jobs because as a host she gets to interact and have a great time with the kids, but as a Party Lead she gets to watch all the parties happen throughout the day and help each one individually while making sure all transitions for each party run smoothly.

Thien-An loves interacting with the different birthday kids and their friends. She has a spectacular time during each party when she has the chance to get to know each of the kids! She has a great time seeing all the different things that kids are into and bonding with them over their interests, because Thien-An is still a kid at heart herself!

Thien-An’s favorite and signature party activity is a cake eating contest!! She plays a lot of different games such as freeze tag, plate wars, duck duck goose, or hide and seek. She knows games for all different ages and always comes up with a neat twist for each game and each party.

On the ice she teaches the beginners the basics of skating and helps them to get around the ice without falling down and hurting themselves. She loves to challenge the children who already know the basics of ice skating or the ones who caught on very quickly by teaching them new skills they can practice during the public session such as fishes, 1-foot glides, or hockey stops.

Over this past year Thien-An has created a great style for herself as a party host, sending each party kid off with a huge smile and the desire to come back skating for their own party!!

If you want to have an AWESOME party with a CRAZY cake eating contest then be sure to request Thien-An when you book your birthday party!!