Meet Party Hero Selena!!

San Diego Ice Arena’s most engaging, entertaining, and helpful party hero!!

Selena started working at the San Diego Ice Arena at the beginning of 2018 as a skate hero. She quickly gained interest in the birthday party program and after learning more about parties and watching them happen hands on, she started training as a host.

Before working at San Diego Ice Arena, Selena worked at Boomers as a party host! Having previous experience working with kids and hosting parties for them has made working closely with kids and getting to know them one of Selena’s favorite parts of working at SDIA and hosting parties.

As well as working with kids, Selena has a passion for ice skating. She began taking group classes and private lessons at a young age and has competed for over 8 years.

Selena’s signature party activity is giving her birthday child a SUPER SPECIAL Piggy Back Ride!!