Meet Party Hero Sean!!!

Our spunkiest and most adventurous party hero!

Sean started working at the San Diego Ice Arena during the summer of 2018. He did such a great job during his first couple months of summer that he quickly got promoted to hosting parties in August of 2018.

Sean started playing hockey for the San Diego Ice Arena Oilers at the age of 11 and since then, the San Diego Ice Arena has been a second home for this young and confident athlete. He has competed in many hockey tournaments throughout his hockey career and is a very promising player.

His favorite part of hosting a birthday party is skating with the kids and bonding with them, on and off the ice. One thing that Sean will always bring to the party he is hosting is his skating expertise, he loves to pull kids around the ice and show them what it’s like to go fast, and if they’re willing, he loves to spray kids with snow.

Sean grew up playing hockey, but since starting to work at the San Diego Ice Arena he has taught himself many figure skating moves. If you want the birthday party of a LIFETIME, request Party Hero Sean!! You may be lucky enough to get snow sprayed!