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All the BEST Party Heroes in San Diego are working at the San Diego Ice Arena!!

Meet Party Hero Julie!!

One of SDIA’s most energetic and WACKY hosts!!

Julie joined the San Diego Ice Arena during the summer of 2016. Her experiences at SDIA include serving as a Skate Hero and eventually peaking interest in pursuing the role of Party Hosting. She finished training as a Party Host in February of 2017 and has been hosting ever since!

With a background in working with kids at summer camps and several youth group organizations, party hosting became a great way to not only interact with kids, but also their families and friends through celebrating their special days. The personalized experiences can include fun activities in which Julie likes to play games of freeze dance, finish each others sentences or all aboard!

Julie has progressed and has created her own style as a party host here at San Diego Ice Arena. From her experiences with summer camps and youth group organizations Julie has introduced all the Party Hosts to many new games that most of us had never heard of before!

Each weekend Julie brings a HUGE smile and a fantastic attitude to the Ice Arena and the birthday parties that she interacts with. Julie always knows how to make her co-workers and birthday kids laugh and have a great time when she’s around.

Julie’s SIGNATURE party activites are “Stage Tag” and “All Aboard”

If you want Party Hero Julie to host your next birthday party call us, book online, or head into our Pro Shop to book and be sure to request Party Hero Julie!!