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San Diego Ice Arena has the most fabulous party hosts on the west coast!!

Meet Party Hero Cierra!!!

 One of our loudest and most eccentric party hosts!!

Cierra began working at the San Diego Ice Arena in February of 2013. She started out as a Skate Hero and quickly moved her way up. She started hosting parties in 2014. Cierra later became a customer lead at the end of 2017 at our seasonal outdoor ice arena (Rady’s Children’s Ice Rink – Liberty Station).

Cierra has 7 years of experience taking care of children. In the past 7 years, Cierra has had many babysitting and nanny jobs with children of all ages. Her many years of working with kids has allowed her to relate, and connect, to each party child on a personal level.

Cierra also has many years of skating experience. Throughout her childhood Cierra took private skating lessons, group lessons, and even competed. Her skating experience growing up has helped her with teaching her party kids how to get used to skating and she even gets the opportunity to teach some tricks to different kids who pick it up quicker.

Cierra’s favorite thing about hosting parties is seeing the kids faces light up when they find out how well they can skate, as well as watching them decorate their own cake!

One thing Cierra tries to incorporate into the party is teaching the kids different tricks that are catered to how well they can skate. These tricks range from simple fishies to two-footed spins.

Request Party Hero Cierra for your next Ice Skating Birthday Party at SDIA!!