A pure mid-kick stick, the Nexus 1N utilizes sweet spot technology to maximize shot power and release time. For players looking for a do-everything stick, the Bauer Nexus 1N is the best.



Power Sense Core 2 – Reduced blade weight and improved dampening technology results in better stick feel and balance.

Monocomp Technology – Ensures a seamless flex in the stick which improves shot performance and energy transfer.

TeXtreme Technology – The ultralight carbon fiber further reduces weight without sacrificing durability.

eLast Technology – Improved resin in the stick prevents micro fractures, the leading cause of stick breakage.

Nexus Power Shaft – A double concave taper minimizes deflection in the shaft resulting in improved shot accuracy.


For more information stop by the SDIA Pro Shop and ask us about the Nexus 1N.

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