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Welcome to the SDIA Production Team 2018-19 Season

“Battle for Neverland”

Would you like to be a ‘Pirate’ or a ‘Lost Boy’? We are also looking for Tinkerbells as well!

The Production class is a skating school class that meets every Wednesday from 5:15-6:20pm and skaters learn a 4.5 minute program to music. Skaters who make it on the team will skate in the SDIA Christmas show, and 3-4 other competitions in San Diego and Orange County in the first 6 months of 2019. The commitment to the team is from
9/26/18 to 6/12/19.

This event focuses on how well the skaters can act and tell a story on the ice.
We need skaters not only to skate proficiently, but to have theatrical abilities as well. This class is not for everyone. Only consider this class if you have a desire to become a character and to learn how to act out your character on a large stage. Skaters will learn how to interpret music, learn Synchro elements and the body movements that will bring this story alive. This class does not teach the fundamentals of skating.

o There will be 1 Skills and Drills class so skaters can learn what they will be asked to do on the audition day on Wednesday September 5th at 5:45pm

o Auditions will be held on Wednesday, September 12th at 5:45pm. Freestyle 1 level skaters and above only. Skaters must be at least 7 years old.
Please sign-up in the Sport Shop for the Production Skills and Drills and Audition classes (9/5 and 9/12). You must sign up for the audition class to be let on the ice for the audition. Only skaters that are accepted onto the team may sign up for the full Production season.

o The first day of official Production practice is Wednesday, September 19th at 5:15pm.

Please contact Shannoncpeck@hotmail.com with any questions.