SDIA Adult Hockey Program

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Welcome to the SDIA  Adult Ice Hockey Program.

We offer an Adult Hockey program for all levels! SDIA offers 3 levels from beginner player to advanced. We do player stats and standings via Hockeyshift.


Every team makes the playoffs and prizes are giving out to division winners. Once you sign up you get free public skating. 

SDIA is always taking new players throughout the season and cost will be prorated. Spring/Summer season is April to end of August & Fall/Winter is September to the end of March.

Navigate our wide variety of programs for youth and adult players and if you have questions please contact our devoted hockey director, Craig Sterling by email or call +1 (858) 602-6401.

The SDIA hockey program is always looking for highly motivated hockey coaches, please contact Craig Sterling if interested.


Are you in the Military or a Veteran? Come play on SDIA Adult Military team; games once a week and play in Charity Hockey Game. We also offer a team for First Responders!


Women’s Hockey

Women’s Hockey SDIA has a womens hockey program that plays on Tuesdays, Email if you would like to sign up .

Adult Beginner/Intermediate Skills Hockey

Adult Beginner/Intermediate Skills Hockey SDIA offers a Skills and Drills Session for Beginner/Intermediate players looking to sharpen their skills and get conditioned. We work on Breakouts, stick handling, skating, shooting and we also do a scrimmage. Every Tuesday night 10:10 pm to midnight. Email  or Call Craig to reserve a spot 858-602-6401. Women’s Hockey SDIA has a women’s hockey that plays on Tuesdays, Email if you would like to sign up. 

Developmental Hockey

Developmental Hockey Fridays 6:10 pm – 6:55 pm – 
Admission $20 for a walk on or 4 for $76

  • Start Any Time, Cost Pro-rated
  • Learn Skating, Passing, Stick Handling & Shooting

Pick-up Sessions

Pick-Up Hockey

  • Monday Night – 10:10 pm – 11:45 pm – $20
  • Tuesday Night – 10:10 pm – midnight $20 (BEG/INTERM SKILLS SESSION)
  • Wednesday Night – 10:10 pm – 11:45 pm – $20
  • Goalies always free!!

Limitations: Must be 18 & over, 30 players/4 goalie limit

EMAIL CRAIG@SDICE.COM for more information.



No refunds or transfers. Once you reserve your slot you are committed to the session.

  • Private Event. must be signed online below.
  • Max 24 skaters capacity, 3 goalies
  • Arrive max 15 min before the on-ice activity
  • Leave max 15 after the event
  • Parking is open and free.
  • No showers will be available
  • No fans or spectators
  • No spitting on ice
  • Use social distancing within the facility at all times
  • Mask is recommended during all play
  • No face offs start from behind the net.
  • No physical contact, poke checks and stick lifts are ok.
  • Spread out on benches.
  • No beers